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All About Furniture Phone: (800) 893-0919 Fax: (678) 916-8383
www.aafllc.com Quick ship and custom booths, chairs, bar stools, tables, table bases, outdoor accessories.

American Panel Phone: (800) 327-3015 Fax: (352) 245-0726
www.americanpanel.com Walk-in coolers and freezers.

Bi-Line Phone: (336) 661-1951 Fax: (336) 661-0498
www.bi-line.net Institutional and commercial conveyor systems for food/cafeteria trays, dishwasher racks, china ware, patient trays, food waste, prepared foods

Brass Smith Phone: (336) 661-1951 Fax: (336) 661-049
www.brasssmith.com Food guards, counter systems, hot and cold merchandisers, stainless fabrication, carts, kiosks, sinks, floor troughs.

Champion Phone: (800) 532-8591 Fax: (336) 661-1979
www.championindustries.com Under-counter, flight, and conveyer-type dish washing machines, pot washers, cart washers, pulpers.

Chill-Rite Phone: (800) 256-2190 Fax: (985) 641-9803
www.chillrite32.com Beer systems, frost rails, liquor distribution systems, liquor display cabinets.

Component Hardware Phone: (800) 526-3694 Fax: (732) 364-8110
www.componenthardware.com Cabinet hardware, cafeteria components, fabrication supplies, mobile equipment accessories, equipment legs, casters.

Eagle Group Phone: (800) 441-8440 Fax: (302) 653-2065
www.eaglegrp.com Stainless steel worktables and dishtables, sinks, shelving, stainless fabrication, storage, transport, countertop cooking and warming.

Fogel USA Phone: (800) 344-8222 Fax: (215) 969-4890
www.fogelusa.com Reach-in refrigerators and freezers, work-tops, sandwich preps, bottle coolers, back bars, deli and bakery cases, ice merchandisers.

Gaylord Phone: (888) 727-2219 Fax: (503) 692-6048
www.gaylordventilation.com Ventilation, smoke and odor control, and utility distribution systems.

Howard McCray Phone: (800) 344-8222 Fax: (215) 969-4890
www.howardmccray.com Meat and bakery cases, open merchandisers, glass door merchandisers, reach-in refrigerators and freezers, ice cream freezers.

Keating Phone: (800) 532-8464 Fax: (708) 544-6505
www.keatingofchicago.com Fryers, griddles, pasta cookers, filtration systems, food warmers, hot plates.

Omni-Rinse Phone: (847) 792-1177 Fax: (630) 339-9070
omnirinse.com Integrated rinsing systems.

Trisys Phone: (800) 532-8591 Fax: (336) 661-1979
www.championindustries.com Waste handling systems.

Venancio USA Phone: (954) 367-7846 Fax: (954) 367-7847
venanciousa.com Gas charbroilers, combi ovens, ranges, gas griddles, convection ovens, fryers.

Wittco Phone: (800) 367-8413 Fax: (414) 354-2821
www.wittco.com Cook and hold ovens, smokers, hot holding and transport carts, carving stations, hot display cabinets, banquet carts, drawer warmers.

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